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Our Little Help Center

How do we choose what is suitable for us?

You can request the trainer to let you try all the device before deciding what to rent or use for tour. Please take note that the trying time will only last for 5 minutes.

What safety gears will you provide us and is it compulsory to wear?

We will provide safety helmet, palm guard, elbow guard and knee guard.  Yes, it is compulsory to wear all gears.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept NETS, VISA, Mastercard and Singapore Currency.

What is the process like?

  1.  Registration at the counter – Provide us any form of ID

  2.  Signing of indemnity form – To understand the terms and conditions if any accident that may happen

  3.  Training by our professional trainer – It takes about 5 minutes and basic but important training will be conducted

  4.  Gear up – Safety gear is provided to everyone, select your size and gear up

  5.  You are good to go.

       P.S.: You may pass us your belongings if you feel it is too burden to bring around. We will safe guard it at our place.

What do we need to bring when we go there?

Here’s your check list:

1.  Passport or Identity Card
2.  Email showing your booking confirmation (NA if you are walk in)
3.  Cash or credit card (NA if you book online)
4.  Yourself or maybe your friend if coming together as a group

What are the electric mobility device available for rental and how are they look like?

The device available for rental would be Electric Unicycle. Electric Scooter, Electric Skateboard, Mini Segway and Hoverboard.

You can check them out at the links below:

  1.  Hoverboard

  2.  Mini Segway

  3.  Electric Scooter

  4.  Electric Unicycle

  5.  Electric Skateboard

Can we know about the rules and regulation of riding this in Singapore?

Yes. You may check it out HERE.

If we want to explore the city, where can we go?

You can book a guided tour from us on Mini Segway Tour, explore the google map on your own and follow the walking directory or refer here for some blogger recommendations. (Example HERE)

If we wish to stop halfway, can we get a refund?

No refund will be available if you stop halfway.

What timing would you suggest for best tour experience?

We would suggest tour to starts from 5pm as you can enjoy the sunset and lighting up of urban skyscraper during the transition from day to night in the middle of tour.

Can we get any souvenirs from this tour?

We will provide free photography up to 10 photos, a Segway riding certificate and a glow in the dark rubber band as a gift for your participation in our service.

What happen if we made the booking and we have to cancel due to unexpected situation?

1.   If you made booking online, you may call us to cancel the booking and request for a refund. The duration for refund will be within

     14 days upon request from our side.

2.   If you have not make the payment, simple notify us 30 mins before the activity starts time.

3.   If you are here and the weather is bad, you can ask for refund on the spot or if you are not in rush, you may wait until the weather

     get better before starting the activities.

If we like the product we tried, can we buy it?

Yes, you may make the purchase at the shop or online. If there’s a need to send oversea, please let us do so. We will arrange shipment to your residential address within 14 days. You may check the details by calling us at +65 6900 4838. Click here to check out the products we offer.

Why this service is so expensive when compared with Bicycle Rental?

This is due to the 4 main reasons:

1.   The device we offer are electrically operated and more prompt to costly damage if not well taken care of by customer.

2.   We offer training for all types of devices customer are renting.

3.   Safety gears and helmet are provided to customer upon renting.

4.   Because you will feel worth it!

What is the minimum requirement for us to enjoy this service?

Before you rent or make any booking online, please make sure that you are not younger than 5 years old, your weight is not less than 30kg or not more that 150kg and you are not pregnant or having physical inabilities which may result you in dangerous situations.

Where can we go if we rent it hourly?

You can explore the area around Singapore Sports Hub, Singapore Indoor Stadium,OCBC Arena, 100 PLUS Promenade, Kallang Wave Mall, Kallang Leisure Park, or Tanjong Rhu Bridge.

What should we do after booking?

You should plan and make your way to our place at 1 Stadium Place #02-19 Kallang Wave Mall S397628 30 mins prior to activity starts time.

How do we get there?

Check out HERE for direction to our shop.

Actually how easy is it?

We would say, it can be learnt in 5 minutes.

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