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Airbot is a fast growing continuous home improving brand, specialises in manufacturing of cordless vacuum cleaner, robotic vacuum cleaner, air fryer, air purifier, etc.

Originated in UK, set HQ in Singapore, reviewed and published by multiple social media network, Airbot strives to be owned by every Singaporean at every home.

An engagement ring set in 18K rose gold


Our story begins with a Draco pendant. In many ways, it is a memento, as well as a romantic insignia of a man and his passion for the jewellery craft. A legacy passed down.
Based in Singapore, Draco Diamonds specialize in bespoke and customized engagement rings and wedding bands. Forever excited listening to love stories, we focus on making the engagement ring meaningful. During the journey with us, we pass on the knowledge and know-how of buying diamonds. And the results… a customized engagement ring that is both meaningful and affordable.

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