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Thank you for reading so far. Due to policy conflict, we are unable to put up rewarding terms on our GoFund page. We will hence explain at this page for all our supporters!


a. Our $99 tour will now be available at $20. Help by donating $20 and you will receive a confirmation on 1 slot for our Segway tour which will not expired. You may redeem it anytime after the pandemic. We will be there if your help made us survived! The first redemption will start from January 2021. You may email us after you made the donation.

b. After much consideration within our team, we have decided to transfer a percentage of equity for this business for investor who believe that we are capable of being one of the unique tour in South East Asia. With the amount of international traveler traffic to Singapore, our unique standpoint being the first glance of Singapore best scenery on the most innovative way is a plus plus point. For every $50,000 donated, you will join our team with 5% of our equity and you will be our business partner for as long as the business last.

Feel free to email us for more details. We welcome everyone who supported us!

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